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Filtek Safeway Corporation (FSC), incorporated on January 31, 2000,

FSC is the master franchise holder in the Philippines of the Terminix brand of termite and pest control services including but not limited to the control of structural pests like termites and wood-boring insects; general pests like cockroaches, flies, ants, mosquitoes, rats and mice; occasional pests like birds, snakes and other non-common pest and pest proofing services. We develop and implement pest management programs based on the needs and conditions of our clients. We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing products and services of highest quality attained through continuous improvement in technical approach and management systems.

All Terminix pest management programs are performance-based and task oriented. The Terminix team, in partnership with you, is responsible for the accomplishment of the best results taking into consideration your specific conditions and requirements. Our program will meet your visual, sanitation and safety standards to help provide the proper environment conducive to better employee satisfaction, productivity and quality.

The fundamental mission of Terminix management program is to train, equip, motivate and develop employees in the performance of service duties as described in the list of tasks and duties in our performance agreement. These tasks are mutually agreed upon with our customers.

At the core of this program is a team responsible for the implementation of the entire program within a facility.


(Quality Assurance Team)

Dra. Felina Bravo (Ph.D), OIC and Sales Director

Col. Demosthenes Doplayna, Managing Director

Certified Pesticide Applicator - Exterminator (License No. : 012006-46)

Certified Pesticide Applicator – Fumigator (License No. : 122015-260)

General Pest Control & Termite Specialist

Mr. Michael Angelo Matic, Operation Supervisor

General Pest Control & Termite Specialist

Mr. Daryl Pintal, Operation Supervisor

General Pest Control & Termite Specialist

Ms. Rowena Marquez, Office Admin., Billing and Collection

Ms. Lorelei Martin, Finance & Accounting

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